Swiss Beauty

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Taking Me Back - Chapter Five (Brian & Justin fic)

Taking Me Back, Chapter Five
Queer as Folk, Post-5x13
Brian & Justin fic
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four


When I woke up, my head throbbed and my throat ached, but I felt better, more relaxed. I opened my mouth to call out for Brian, but it hurt too much, so I shuffled out of bed and opened the curtains, revealing the brilliant Manhattan skyline in the distance, the way the sun glittered as it hit the river. 


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I noticed that all of the britin storyline videos had been taken down from youtube and weren’t available online, so after I realised I wasn’t going to find them anywhere I just did them myself

all of brian and justin’s storylines can be found here:

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The Virgin Suicides (Skins - Fake Film Trailer) by me (x)

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